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Coffee Brands

Ethiopian Sidamo

Sidamo is another trendy and prevalent coffee region in Ethiopia. Sidamo coffee beans have a lower acidity than Yirgacheffe coffee beans and have a pleasant, soft floral flavor.

Like Yirgacheffe coffee beans, Sidamo coffee beans are grown at a high altitude to enhance nutrient absorption and flavor.

Sidamo coffee beans do well in a light roast—the beans have a robust sweet flavor, so a darker roast would likely undermine the earthier flavors and make the sweet elements far too overwhelming. 

For brewing, Sidamo coffee beans are another type of bean that tastes best when brewed in a slow process, like a French press. 

Preserving that oil is essential for getting the full complexity of the Sidamo flavor profile. Sidamo can also do well as a light espresso roast, creating a sweet and floral cup of espresso. 

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Ethiopian Sidamo Light Roasted Coffee
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