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By Thomas E. Simmons

THE MAN CALLED BROWN CONDOR is a captivating historical biography written by author Thomas E. Simmons that tells the remarkable story of Colonel John C. Robinson.


Robinson, also known as the "father of the Tuskegee Airmen," was an American visionary who played a key role in the establishment of Ethiopian Airlines and the Ethiopian Air Force.


This book offers a fascinating insight into the life and achievements of a pioneering figure in African-American and Ethiopian history. Through meticulous research and compelling storytelling, Simmons brings to life the remarkable legacy of Colonel Robinson, shedding light on his contributions to aviation and his impact on both the African-American and Ethiopian communities.


Whether you are a history enthusiast, aviation buff, or simply looking for an inspiring read, THE MAN CALLED BROWN CONDOR is a must-have addition to any book collection.

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The Man Called Brown Condor
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